annashae staffing:

The wave of the future is here… Let’s integrate our employees to be fully functioning and efficient by offering them they tools to help them, and in turn us, as business owners, thrive.

The only way your team can be successful is to work with them.

Originally posted on Gigaom:

The most significant challenge in executing a cloud transformation is making the right connections between people, process and technology. Like an ecosystem supporting a living organism, standing up a cloud is a delicate balance of all of these elements, and failure to invest in all three can constrain — or in some cases, reverse — the value you deliver.

In my experience as an advocate for cloud transformations at newScale and Cisco, it’s the thinking around the people part of this equation that is the weakest link in the chain. For all the boxes and arrows we draw on whiteboards, comparatively little thought is given to what cloud means for people and roles.

Clouds are designed around the principle of a standardized service. As a cloud builder, you’ll need to embrace the concept of the service as the center of gravity for your IT delivery model, which will dictate some…

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